OX-750V,750VS (Tradition)

Model ID:OX-750V,OX-750VS
Spindle speed(16 Speed/Variable):75~3600/60~4000rpm
Swive angle of head: 45º (R&L)
Overarm travel: 550mm
Spindle barrel telescopic travel: 140mm
Distance of spinde to table: 120~520mm
Distance of spindle to colum surface: 140~750mm
Quill feed per revolution of spindle: 0.035/0.07/0.14mm
Table size: 1250 x 290 mm
Longitudinal travel: 750 mm
Cross travel: 400 mm
Vertical travel of knee: 400 mm
T-slots: 16x3x72 mm
Rapid traverse:3000mm/min
X.Y Cutting feederate:0~1500mm/min
Feeding speed:1150 mm/min
Main spindle-AC inverter: 3.7kw (5HP)
X.Y. servo motor & Table elevating: X, Y, Z=0.75kw
Lubricating pump: 150W
Electromagnetic pump: 40W
Machine measurement (L*W*H):2076*2260*2474mm
Packing measurement (L*W*H):1700*1900*2200mm
Net weight :2000kgs
Gross weight:2150kgs